I done did it, I broke the site again!

June 4th, 2021!

Hello! You're looking at my internet home of chicanery, the Obnoxious Jerk! For those of you who know me, that being Denny, you're probably thinking the name is apt. I try not to be one, but what can I say - people do their darndest to encourage it. At any rate, the site is currently 'under construction', as it were, as I rebuild all the inane rambling I've committed here since 2003-ish.

For those of you who I worked with at GE Aviation until just a little bit ago, I'll be placing updates about my magnificent new home, our Skoolie known as Shai-Hulud, here as I write them. And document me and my wife's progress in transforming it from a mild-mannered school bus to a thundering engine of capitalism and living-wherever-we-want to. But, as you can see, there isn't a whole lot here yet.

I mean there is, but I have to rebuild all of the writings to make them fit into the site's new format. As time passes, I'll be repairing old entries and making new ones, so feel free to drop in at your leisure, and maybe you'll see something you haven't before! Or, at the very least, can find my e mail to nudge me towards letting you know the score. Until then, thanks for stopping in to... the Obnoxious Jerk!