The Greatest Satan

January 2nd, 2019

Truly, the Greatest Satan.

In the past, I've mentioned the fact that the site was not always, or even, but Well, probably the .org or .net, because my memory fails me the older I get, but whatever. As is my tendency, I hopped on Godaddy after gibbering about the old domain names on the first of the year, and was poking around with new ones there.

What's funny is that is selling for twenty thousand dollars, now. That's a whole lot of money for a domain that's just sitting there, collecting dust. Were I smart, I'd bid a hundred dollars for it, like I did with, since they wanted almost three thousand at the time, and apparently I was the only person who ever expressed interest. Which is inexplicable.

The .net and .org variations on the theme are going for a song, naturally, because nobody wants one of those. But what I found great is that while requires one to hand over their first born child in exchange, one can purchase for only twenty bucks. Well, that is until someone reads this and picks it up, and then they'll probably mark it up.

Instead of doing something with it.

I imagine that, had I not already invested myself in, I'd pick up the or for use as my personal site. I mean c'mon, there's a bunch of great Satans out there, but the greatest Satan? There's literally only one! And besides, my wonderful wife has already produced the perfect mascot image for such a site, based on one of my old characters.

Bonus nerdery: the Great Satan written up for the nerd game I support on my nerd site. Complete with much worse art created by me like what, twenty years ago?