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January 1st, 2019

What do you know, it's January 1st again. January 1st, 2019!

You'd think I really like this image.

As is my wont, I've come to the Jerk to comment on the calendar rolling over once more. This is a thing I tend to do, even though the whole thing is silly. On the other hand, at least I'm not assaulting you with New Year's listicles or whatever the current clickbait trend is, but I'm not even monetizing this site (yet), so you need not fear any of that hokum rearing its ugly head here.

Mind you, the big difference between the last couple of times I've done this and today is that I'm doing so on a completely different domain! That's right, I am no longer or, but! And while I loved the second of those domains, the truth is that I wasn't using it to its fullest extent, so hopefully the new owner can.

While I have set a few 2019 goals for myself, a lot of them are inline with I'd already planned. I have a set amount of progress I'd like to make on my role-playing game site, Technohol 13. I am going to try really hard to get in better shape, because I made a bit of progress in that regard last year, and would like it to continue. Oh, and I'm going to write here more.

While I'm not about to declare that I'm going to update this site daily again, as I attempted in 2016, I am nonetheless going to keep making more Jerks. Hur hur. I'm not sure why I started calling my individual updates to this site Jerks, but it popped in my head and it stuck. Which is kind of why I write here. Some thoughts need to be put to pixel so they get out of my brain, finally.

So I guess stay tuned? I'm more than prepared to mortify you with the minutiae of my tortured, tortured thought process. You've been warned!