Welcome to 1998!

January 5th, 2019

Sebastian Gorka thinks I'm an Obnoxious Jerk.

You might recall that, a bit back, I ended my tryst with Twitter, and minimized my contact with Facebook. I did this primarily because both of those sites are doing their best to cater to literal Nazis, while curtailing everyone else's use of their services, ostensibly because they are scared of being called out for 'bias' by Nazis. Which seems a strange thing to be scared of.

I did this because, for decades now, I have maintained my very own web site to share whatever I feel like, leaving the antisocial media creatures for intaction with others. While I used those antisocial media services, I never got rid of my own site, even if it changed form (and the associated domain) more than a few times. Because I like having my own site.

It's kind of nice to be able to post whatever content you like, as long as it doesn't actually break the law, without being censored by the underpaid minions of these billion dollar corporate behemoths. And make no mistake, I have been slapped down numerous times by said behemoths, primarily because what I said got under the skin of some right-wing puke or another.

And not because it actually violated their sites' terms, but because they whined to the site in question about what I said, instead of just blocking me like this literal Nazi.

Apparently, the rest of the universe is catching up to me - or at least, catching back up to 1998. The clowns at Vice, for instance, have twigged onto the notion of deleting your social medias and simply... making your very own web site. Congrabulations, Vice, you've caught up with me. Took you a few decades, but it's nice to see that you've come around to my way of thinking.