Mesothelioma Soup?

January 16, 2018


I didn't actually encounter this yesterday, when I was going on about the latest asbestos incident at work, but it's worth noting for posterity. This is a photo I took way back at the end of '16, when I was doing a pretty crap job of updating the site. Though, when you get down to it, I suppose I'm pretty crap about updating the thing overall. I'm trying again, but you know how that goes.

I'm bound to run into something shiny here before you know it, and then I'll be chasing that around for a couple of months. That sorta happened to me with City of Heroes, and now Guild Wars 2, not that I actually have time to play games lately. Heck, my poor Pokémons ™ have all probably starved to death due to inattention over the last year. And this after all those freebie giveaways!

But anyway, I digress. As I do. All too frequently. I simply can't believe that any company proclaiming that it remotely cares about the health and well-being of its employees would leave a big cart covered in friable asbestos powder (see, I was paying attention to all those yearly recertification videos!) just sitting in the middle of a hallway, where it can get blown around when anyone opens the nearby door.

You know, to the outside air. Which would just blow in. And probably did any number of times. Scattering said friable asbestos powder. Everywhere.