Stack Overflow, Please Reboot Universe

January 1, 2018

Yes, I did recycle this image. What.

What do you know, it's 2018.

I know I've been lousy about updating this site the last year, or for the entire time I've owned it and its predecessor, at least, and I'm sorry about that. You know, for all none of you that regularly drop by. I am going to try and change that, mostly by altering how I actually update the site. I've sort of fallen into a process when I add new material here, but I think that's getting in the way of me doing so.

Sure, I like the pretty pictures that have come with each update over the last couple years, it seems the process of inserting them eats up more of my time than actually just vomiting up some text here for all y'all to read. Whenever you actually find your way here through some inexplicable Google process that actually recognizes the site exists, or if you're those guys in China that keep trying to buy it from me.

Anyhow, I'm 'a gonna do my best to say something here more frequently, even if it's completely inane. I probably won't quite manage daily or even weekly updates, though that would be ideal, but I'll be back a lot more often. Unless some other shiny object finds itself in my crosshairs, that is. Then you probably will find more big gaps in the free-association ire that I'm sure has exclusively punctated my work here.

Here's hoping I can stick to the plot!