Draw Doodles!

January 3rd, 2019

Draw Doodles!

Just yesterday, I mentioned the wonderful artwork my wife produces, and I found myself thinking that some of y'all just might be interested in what she's up to, creatively speaking. As such, I figured I would point the lot of you towards where she's starting to build out an online business dealing with precisely that. In case you were wondering, it's over on that Etsy site.

The name of her store is Draw Doodles, and she's selling a wide variety of products for your purchasing pleasure. Whether you're looking for bunny stickers, amazing wall decals, beautiful pet portraits, digital washi tapes, adult coloring book fodder, or anything else she's likely to add in the near future, this is the place to go. Be a trend setter, and get them before all your friends do!

Unlike a lot of the people selling things on Etsy, she isn't just importing bargain bin garbage from Chinese manufacturers, and then marking it up while claiming it's made in America. No, she's an American craftswoman, producing the art and manufacturing the goods right here, in this country. So put your money where your mouth is, and buy American. Support American businesses, already!

After all, just look at that cute bunny art! Look at it!