I Had A Weird Dream 3

January 9th, 2010

So I had a weird dream last night.

A lot of it is fuzzy, but I distinctly recall I was hanging out at the Henry Doorly Zoo ™. I was there with my Sexy Other because hey, how often does she get to see gorilla-like entities that are vaguely more hairy than me? It was a nice warm summer day, and we were chilling and walking about all the many and various exhibits, from gorillas to hippopotami to iguanas, when suddenly she said stop, 'cause my feet hurt.

So we stopped. And got the good idea that hey, instead of walking all the way back to our car, why don't we get on the train thing and just ride back to the entrance? The train thing was just beyond a merry go round (in the zoo?) and concession stand that was selling concessions that made one think more of a county fair than a zoo, like funnel cakes and ginormous pretzels and so forth, but whatever.

So we walk past the merry go round and then get into the train thing, which is not really a train but more like those odd shuttles you get at a Disneyland ™ or whatever, and start to ride. But instead of riding on a pre-prepared track or service path we were on some dirt road, which left the zoo for the countryside. And instead of getting back to the parking lot we were suddenly in Sioux Falls.

At least I think it was Sioux Falls, though I don't remember Sioux Falls having such huge buildings, much less a gigantic canal cut through it connecting it to the rest of the country. Yeah, it was strange. But what was stranger was that while we were riding on this train thing we saw, in the canal on a gigantic cargo ship, the space shuttle! But not your ordinary space shuttle, it was one of those 'advanced' design ones.

Like the X-33. You know, the one that was supposed to replace the existing space shuttle program until it got killed by budget cuts. During the presidency of the guy who wanted NASA to send people back to the moon instead of doing anything vaguely feasible. Which has now left us without decent spacecraft since they're killing the shuttles now. But I digress.

So instead of driving all the way back to the zoo on the zoo's shuttle, we got on the big shuttle and flew back... though we stopped at the space station first. Everything got a bit fuzzy at that point and I don't remember what else happened precisely, but I like to think that we engaged in some hot zero G nookie whilst we were in orbit. A guy can dream, can't he? I mean, I just did!

The second installment in this series, and the fourth.