I Had A Weird Dream 2

March 29, 2009

So I had a weird dream last night.

It started out with me in college, apparently, in that I was living in a dorm. And I'd gone to the cafeteria to get some lunch, but I was late. This because, if you know me, I'm always late for something. Lunch, interviews, work, doctor appointments... whatever. But when I get my lunch, things go wrong, and not for me but for everyone else present. I mean they all start having a Really Bad Day ™.

You see, they have this unpleasant look about them, and looking closer, I see why. Their heads started exploding out of the blue, with these metal shard things flying up into the air from that part of their body and sticking to the ceilings. The metal ceilings. Freaking out at this, because you know, a whole room full of people's heads just started blowing up, I start to put my lunch tray down.

And see that the Mystery Meat Menagerie is loaded up with shards of metal. Backing away as the lunch guy cackled madly, I left as he pointed up to the ceiling and said something about a super magnet and how his Master Plan was working perfectly. Moo hoo haa haa, etc. So I ran back to my dorm and tried to warn people but everyone was gone, and there was this unnerving red 'misty' look to the place.

It seemed that everyone in my building was at lunch just moments ago, and all the blood from their exploded heads was filtering through the ventilation system... blargh. I did manage to find two people though, but they were weird. And sleeping naked on a dorm bed that was supposed to be bunk beds but was really them sleeping inside the empty wire frame of a mattress (?) like it was perfectly normal.

So I tells these two clowns, who were adults in my childhood but here strange college students, to come on. And they do - thankfully they put clothes on because that was sort of weird you know. And we start to run, 'cause we didn't want to get killed by some mad scientist. And just then, the lunch guy came tearing at us in a Mack ™ truck, which I guess he kept handy to conspicuously deal with witnesses.

He was odd in that he sort of looked like that guy from Seinfeld, Neuman? The creepy tubby neighbor guy that was a dick? But anyway, we were running and one of the guys decided 'I'm Going To Kill That Guy', and jumped up at his cab to punch him. Through the window apparently. And he did, his arm smashing through and taking his head off. But then the suction from the truck's grill pulled him in.

Grating him like ... cheese. And then the truck crashed and blah blah, and the other guy I was with apparently got mad at ME now, because if I hadn't said anything his buddy wouldn't have got ground up. So he starts running after me with a pipe or something and then I... start to fly away. But very slowly, because for some reason in my dreams I can fly... but very poorly. It's a thing.

And then I woke up.

But the problem was, the music that was playing on my computer was also the music I was hearing in my dream, which lent it a horror movie aspect of course, but since I was hearing the same thing as in my dream, it made it harder to shake off the transition to reality. So I was just laying there for a while all freaked out and thinking I was flying. When I realized I wasn't, I got irritated.

The first installment in this series, and the third.