Crazy Hate!

October 26th, 2018

While Firebomb may have been my original and most flashy blaster in the City of Heroes game, Crazy Hate was the one I utilized the most, by far. His story was that he was a random man on the street who lost his hands in the alien invasion that was the impetus for the plot of the game at its very beginning. An inventor of sorts, he worked out how to build robotic replacements for those bits, and had them installed.

Once he was a fully functional adult again, the Hate then went further, actualizing numerous other high tech implements that he'd dreamed up while he spent months and months in the hospital. Having constructed numerous oddball devices with which to combat others, he then built his Frankengun ™, a singular firearm that was, in fact, about eight different weapons in one!

He then applied for his hero license, and began gunning down criminals - for justice! Crazy Hate was the second character I managed to work up to level 50, the maximum that players of the game could attain, after Dash Apostrophe, of course. But why did I run with Crazy Hate, when I had a perfectly good blaster in the form of Firebomb / Captain Char, you ask? Well, there's a story there.

You see, back in the day, a lot of one's time in the game was spent sweeping the streets in 'hazard zones'. These were areas devastated during the aforementioned alien invasion, and hadn't quite been rehabilitated for human habitation yet. Knowing this, various criminal organizations had infested the areas, and as such, heroes were asked to go in and dispense some Justice all up in their business.

On one of these trips, I encountered a band of players wreaking havoc, one of which was using the assault rifle / devices power set combination. Liking the early powers those sets provided, as opposed to those granted by using fire blast / fire manipulation, I shelved Captain Char and built me my own gun-toting hero. Once Crazy Hate got rolling, I simply couldn't stop with the bullety fun.

Of course, as it turns out, the combo worked so well because of a highly bugged power in the devices set: the smoke grenade. Apparently, it was only supposed to make it a bit harder for enemies to hit you, not virtually impossible. Thus, you could easily trounce just about anything in your path if you had that power, even though your character was supposed to be a glass cannon, like all blasters.

Naturally, they fixed that, but by then I'd hit level 32, so I at least had most of my major powers. Heh.

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