Villainous Distractions

November 16th, 2018

Last week, I provided a few capsule descriptions of some second stringer heroes I used to protect City while it was live. As a counterpart to that effort, and as my final word on the countless characters I played with in that series of games, I thought I'd do the same for my also-ran and third tier villains. Well, they weren't all that bad, but I'm running out of descriptive words.

The first of these is Mister Really Long Name, a guy whose name was, as you can guess, as long as you could give a character. He was a guy with the power to poison others, and had a small following of thugs he'd addicted to various drugs his body concocted. The leader of this band, Mister Really Long Name was another mastermind, like Three Dollar Bill, though his minions were a bit... fleshier.

A close second for my favorite mastermind, Mister Really Long Name was an odd character, because his poison power set was built to be a sort of single-target debuff. He couldn't quite produce the mayhem that my other masterminds did, but instead of bedlam, he could efficiently dismantle just about any one foe at at time. Unless he called for a Gang War, at which point all bets were off.

Uncle Samhain was my main, and possibly only, brute within the City of Villains. They were like scrappers, save for the fact that their damage output spiked the more they attacked - or were attacked. So, if you could find a way to keep your endurance up, you could just start a pain train with brutes that didn't end until the structure you were in was completely devoid of anything else living.

Save for your allies. Assuming you let them live. Uncle Samhain was a fire brute, using the fire melee and fire armor sets, which fit in with his demonic aspect quite nicely. And he was the best for irking butthurt pagans, who felt the need to educate him about the origins of 'Samhain', which was hilarious because a) I know them, and b) I know their entire religion is stapled together nonsense.

Last but not least on this trinity of villainous capsule descriptions is the Apostlypse. This kook was a hobo who got into... something toxic in the outskirts of the Rogue Islands, and wound up developing smite-worthy powers of mind control and fire generation. This unlikely combo twisted his already-skewered mind into a religious fervor, and he turned into one of those obnoxious street preacher types.

Who could, you know, back up his words with convincing brainwashing - and third degree burns to those who were resistant to his brain taint. Like the other two villains described here, Apostlypse managed to hit the game's maximum level mostly by happenstance, namely by beating up heroes and other villains while he wasn't being an insufferable pest in the chat channel provided for his current location.

As was the case with my minor heroes, I could really go on about my more obscure villains for a really, really long time. But I won't, because I've already done this for what, thirteen jerks already? So I'll spare you any more about these particular kooks, and quit nerding it up about the City of Heroes / City of Villains / City of Evil Goatees now. Thanks for reading, and catch you later!

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