I Had A Weird Dream 5

January 6th, 2019

I know I said I was done going on about my digital super-goons from the City, but something odd happened to me last night. You see, typically when I find myself dreaming, I don't recall what actually happens during my brain's ad-lib sessions, save for after a few particularly strange occasions. Though maybe they're simply par for the course, I don't know. Brains are weird.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I had a weird dream last night.

Dash Apostrophe: after exiting an elevator, just like in that inexplicable dream of mine. Minus the Hollywood-grade special effects.

Unlike most of my dreams, it didn't actually star me, as is usually the case. Furthermore, this dream did not come with the benefit of a first person perspective. No, this dream presented like I were watching a film, and an action-packed one, at that! For, you see, I was seeing what seemed like a live-action story starring no less than Dash Apostrophe, face-stabber for justice!

It had all the hallmarks of one of those hyper-polished Marvel ™ movies, with their semi-realistic special effects, complete disregard for the abject ridiculousness of the character's premise, and full-on committment to inexplicably making the whole thing somehow work. As it unfortunately happened, I tuned in partway through the movie, at which point he was the villains' captive.

The bad guys held him in some strange, high-tech bondage thing to keep him from hacking the lot of them up, but somehow he managed to get his hands on his sword, which one of his captors was fooling around with, and he cut himself loose and disassembled everyone in the elevator with him. They were trying to shuttle him to their lair, but that simply wasn't happening!

I have no idea where this scene came from, and it's not in the plot for the Dash Apostrophe book I have in mind, and have written somewhat. But I may have to add it, either to this one or one of the sequels (I have at least two in mind, because Dash lends himself to ridiculous misadventure), because it was just so darn vivid in my head. And reminded me of all the fun I had with Dash in the City.

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