More About the Obnoxious Jerk

Welcome to the Obnoxious Jerk. This collection of ones and zeroes is a home for the writings of its author. It is different than most digital resources you might be familiar with, because I am not a fool, and have not built another forum within which everyone can add their own two cents regarding everything they read. If you want to do that, you're going to have to build your own site, for this is my space.

While a lot of what you will eventually read here will be original to the Obnoxious Jerk, the truth is that I have done this before. My previous haunts of this stripe were, which I have traded away for some arts, and, which I never really got around to doing a whole lot with. Probably because nobody respects .net domains, so that was most likely a good call.

Either way, I am porting material from those sites to this one, because why not? No need to throw out all my previous writing when it can readily apply to what I'm doing here. Mind you, a bit of it may need a bit of polishing, not to mention the removal of references to the previous domains, so it'll all arrive eventually. Slowly, I imagine, but eventually. Stick around, and you'll see. You'll all see!

My urge to write freestyle is haphazard, but it does persist. You may see me posting every day for months at a time, or you may see me post nothing for a similar amount of time. This is because I work a lot, and when I'm not working at work I'm often working on numerous other projects of mine. You can find more about those at Technohol 13, which I hope to finally complete, to an extent, before I die of old age.

But when I'm not nerding it up there or on one of several related sites, and feel the need to translate the static bouncing around my head meat into quasi-rational text, the plan is to drop by here to get it on. Perhaps the third time will be a charm, as it were, and I'll finally get into the regular habit of sharing my thoughts, gibberings, and opinions in one place. Beats wasting time on antisocial media, right?

Written for the Obnoxious Jerk

The primary landing point of the Obnoxious Jerk web site gives a chronological stream of everything I've written for it thus far - at least, for this site. For an index of that material, as well as what I've written for the Jerk's predecessor, Banality, and its predecessor in turn, the Great Satan, just scroll down. This way you can link to an individual gibbering, which you will surely do, because they lovely, are they not?

Well, at least you will once I rehabilitate all of these things. Need to do some reformatting and what-have-you, which I'll get to as time permits. Sorry for the hassle! Expect more to show up as stuff happens.

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Written for Banality

Same thing, will rehabilitate these soon.

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Written for the Great Satan

A Bungled Murder? - June 15, 2003.

Almost Killed. - June 15, 2003.


Last, but Not Least

Rejoice, for I give you the gift of COLOR! Black, Red, Orange, Green, Cyan, Blue, or Purple! Okay, fine, the color was already there to begin with. I'm just giving you the option to pick the color you prefer, in case one of them makes your eyes wiggle. I have that with the green and the cyan, sometimes, so I know the feeling. So have at it, though I don't think it's permanent or anything.